Cross-System Data Sharing

The Kansas Partnership for Educating Kids in Care (KPEKC) Taskforce identified two critical areas of cross-system data sharing needed to address the educational well-being of youth in foster care.

1. Historical data to complete a longitudinal study on the impact of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems on the educational outcomes of youth in care.

2. Daily data sharing to identify youth in care at the school district level and facilitate the sharing of individual student data between the school district and the child welfare case management provider.

Historical Data Sharing

The KPEKC Taskforce has shared historical data across systems, and data analysis and evaluation is in progress. The process of data sharing took 19 months and required five data sharing agreements among agencies.

Daily Data Sharing

KPEKC partners continue efforts to meet this goal.

Data Sharing at the Local Level

A local taskforce of child welfare professionals and school district staff paralleled the work at the state level. Staff from the University of Kansas supported the group’s efforts.

The group’s original intent was to identify cross-system data that could be used to develop a training package to increase knowledge about data-informed decision-making and help tailor how the data could be interpreted and applied to policy. As work progressed, it became clear that cross-system data did not exist, so the group shifted its focus to create this data.