In 2012, the KPEKC Taskforce surveyed stakeholders to identify barriers and supports to youth in care graduating on time.  Ninety percent of respondents rated educators as VERY IMPORTANT in foster youth graduating on time.   The top three individual barriers identified by the survey were:

  • Multiple placements resulting in frequent school changes
  • Truancy and behavioral issues
  • Inadequate information and records sharing

The documents in this section were developed by the KPEKC Policy team to assist educators in addressing educational outcomes for youth in care. These documents provide answers to frequently asked questions on student record sharing, discuss laws and regulations related to sharing educational records, and provide information about special education decision making and the impact of trauma on youth behaviors.  A printable brochure with information on how educators can assist foster youth to improve educational outcomes, as well as information about interacting with the child welfare system is also provided.